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Notice of copyright Simply Wigs

This is a very, polite note to some of our cheeky competitors.

I am really pleased that you have found our website and I'm sure you're thinking we look pretty good!  Here's just a quick 'heads up'.....

Every member of our team works really hard to make sure that our website looks yummy, gorgeous & just right for our loyal customers. And I think it is simply not fair that some of you think it is okay to copy our images, wording & ideas.

Now we are very, very flattered that some of you cheeky competitors want to be like us........but just be warned. Our website is protected by Copyright and Intellectual Property Law.  If our loyal 'internet trawlers'  find your website with any details that have been  'taken' from the very gorgeous Simply Wigs will be contacted by our slightly grumpy solicitors.  Immediately.

Now on a more happy note...... Let's all enjoy this wonderful world of wigs and let's make sure that we are helping our customers as much as we can. That is what we are here for and that is what we should be doing.


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