The New 360 Wig View

Why you should use the 360 wig view from Simply Wigs feature?

We would all LOVE to look like the models in the photo shots of the wigs that we are looking at. (In my head I look like the glorious Raquel Welch as shown below  I do the school run, the glamorous, chiffon scarf floats behind me, as I bundle my precious little one into the car).

Tres Chic Wig

The wigs we sell are the wigs that are in the photography images. Just remember that the pictures of the wigs have been photographed in a studio, with models. We want you to be completely delighted when you receive your wig and be confident that you have made the right choice.

360 Wig View Tab

360 Wig Rotation

This is where the 360 wig view feature comes in. We have a lovely, dedicated member of our team who has taken 360 views of our entire range, so that you can see exactly what your wig will look like. You will be able to see the wig in its entirety. Check out the back view, have a look at the side layers. You can see exactly what will arrive at your door. This feature has been designed to give you a true ‘straight from the box’ representation of the product that you are looking at. Simply click on the 360 tab which can be easily found within the product information, or click on the 360 icon throughout the site. Must dash now, as my chiffon scarf has got stuck in the car door.

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