Amore Whitney Wig Review

My First Impression

When I  tried the Completely Hand Tied wig, Whitney on for the first time was ‘just my length and colour!’Completely Hand Tied Wig I have alopecia totalis and I like to stay in the ‘similar zone’ to what my hair used to be like. The main thumbs up for this wig, is how light it feels. I am slowly learning about all the terms to do with wigs, and I now know that this style is completely hand tied. It does not scratch against my scalp and it has a finer feel than the other wigs that I have previously worn.

I normally trust my husband opinions about my ‘new looks’ and he thought that the Whitney wig from Amore wigs looked just like my own hair. I think the reason why it looks so good is that it moves like real hair.

Completely Hand Tied Wig WhitneyIf you look at my photo, the style has not got lots of volume. Some people might like lots of volume, but I prefer my wigs to have a finer feel to them. I can honestly say that people who do not know that I wear wigs, would not guess that the Whitney wig is sat on a wig stand every night!
For me, there was only one down side to the Whitney wig, it was that the fringe was too long for me and I would have to get it trimmed (but that is my personal preference). I did wear it to the side as in the photos, but I am unsure if I would be happy with it being ‘casually swept’. I was very impressed though with the natural look along the hairline. I could casually put my hands through the wig and there would be no tell tale signs of bulky wefts, or chunky strips of material. Everything is very soft and comfortable to touch.

I have fallen slightly in  L O V E  with this wig. It is probably a bit more than what I would normally pay for my wigs, but if it looks & feels like this. . . Then I ’m quite happy to pay that bit extra. Thumbs up for Whitney from me.

Simply Wigs MicrophoneThis has been Christine reporting for Simply Wigs.
Loving the Whitney. . . .
Until the next time. Over and Out!

Please note that the Whitney wig from Amore has now been discontinued but you can see the amazing styles from Amore wigs here

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