Can I Cut My Wig?

You have bought your wig and you love it. The colour, the style, the swish, the look . . . . but there is one problem . . . .
the fringe is too long!

And you want to know ‘Can I cut my wig?’

We are firm believers at Simply Wigs that if you feel you need to cut your wig, then simply find a qualified stylist and have a trim.

It is not wise to have a complete re-style for fibre wigs (after all, you bought your favourite fibre wig because you already love the style) but we certainly advocate having a tweak here and there so that the wig shape complements your facial features and sits just where you want it. If you feel fabulous with your look, you will feel confident enough to wear your wig with pride and that’s why a custom cut can really make the world of difference.

We want you to think of your wig as an extension of you and your personality and sometimes a pre-cut wig can’t live up to those fabulously unique standards. We always encourage you to personalise the wig so that it looks like your own style. Of course, all of our ladies wigs can look great straight from the box (we’re very picky like that and only choose the best). However, a little trim here, a little reshape there and voila! You have a beautifully styled wig that was made just for you.

Use wig styling products, to achieve the texture and hold that will give you a salon-worthy style all day everyday and have it trimmed to really make your wig your own. Just have a play and be creative!

If you are looking for one of the loveliest salons in the UK to have your wig cut, then look no further than…

Russell Eaton Lifestyle Salon
Russell Eaton Wigs

The salon is based in the glorious city of Leeds. Ask for Rob Eaton, who is the Creative Director and has specialist knowledge in the fitting and styling of wigs and hairpieces. Rob has also won numerous awards and has many styling credits to his name for his creative hairdressing skills. He is able to offer personal advice on the best possible solutions for your wig wearing needs and can cut and style any wig to give you a look that’s completely you.

Rob is personally recommended by Simply Wigs Ltd.
His skill, creativity & professionalism is only outshined by his ability to make you look & feel fabulous!

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