Celebrities Love Lace Front Wigs!

The beauty and elegance of celebrity lace front wigs

Lace Front Wigs

It was the glamour and glitz of the Hollywood stars and celebrities that first brought lace front wigs into the limelight. Lace front wigs were originally designed purely for human hair wigs, which could be adhered to the head for a period of up to three months. Famous celebrity wearers of the human hair lace fronts wigs are Beyonce, Oprah and Tyra Banks . . . just to name a few.

‘Lace Front Wigs –  the secret of the stars!’

We sell an abundance of beautifully styled lace front wigs. We do not advise though that you adhere and leave for a period of time. You could do, but our thoughts are that unless you have an entourage of dedicated assistants at your beck and call, you are best to remove your wig every night and pop it on a wig stand to regenerate its loveliness. Again, this statement is just our guideline and you are in charge of how you wear your wig, because you are the star.

Why are LACE FRONT wigs so fabulous?

Lace front wigs will give the impression that the hair is growing from your own natural fringe line. They create an invisible finish to the edging of the wig which cleverly creates a completely realistic look. They are designed so that you can wear your style away from your face, and they create a style that’s so effortlessly natural, they also give you the added confidence that if you decide to wear a wig with a fringe, but perhaps the wind blows……then your look will still be undetectable. Lace front wigs are fabulous in creating the illusion that the wig you are wearing, is not a wig at all.

We sell three main types of lace front wigs. Always check the what’s inside details to have a look at the type of cap construction of each lace front wig and uncover what’s inside…

Lace Front wig cap

Lace Front Wig – Uncut

Uncut Lace Front Wig

The lace front for these wigs will need to be cut. We suggest that you cut the lace back to where the fibre has been hand knotted into the lace mesh. Remember you can always call us on 01484 844557 and we will do our very best to guide you through the process.

Lace Front Wig – Precut

Precut Lace Front Wig

The majority of our lace front wig collection is pre-cut to give you instant style without the worry of cutting the lace yourself. The appearance of the fringe edging will still be beautifully realistic, you will just not have any additional work to achieve your fabulous look.

Lace Front Wigs – Scalloped

Scalloped Lace Front Wig

This design allows a gentle finish that you can either leave, or you can trim further back to the hair line should you prefer.

Do I need tape or glue?

All of the lace front wigs that we sell can be worn with tape, glue, or if you prefer with nothing! If you decide to wear wig tape, then choose the tape that is specifically for lace front wigs. The design of lace front tape ensures that when it is removed from the lace it will not drag, or damage the finish. It is not as strong as the standard wig tape, but you can still be reassured that it will remain secure.

If you decide to use glue, the product that we recommend is Liquid Gold. Our personal preference within the Simply Wigs office is to use the lace front wig tape. We find that the wig glue can sometimes be messy to use whilst the wig tape provides simple security. There is always the option of using no wig tape or glue. If you feel confident that your wig will be secure at this particular area, then feel free not to wear either.

The reason that we love lace front wigs is that we are passionate about the quality of the wigs that we sell. The lace front adds an extra dimension to the construction. If you are wanting to have an undetectable look, then with the lace front wigs you will be well on your way!

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  1. Great article! Thanks BECCA!x x x it is funny, lace front never used to be a priority for me……. now I don’t wear wigs without x they definitely are so much more natural when no fringe!x

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