How to Choose a Wig Style to Flatter your Face

If you are purchasing a wig due to a medical reason, or if you just want to look fabulous, getting the right shape to compliment your face is incredibly important. When purchasing your wig online, it can be difficult to know which style will flatter you best. Facially, everyone is different and what can be a beautiful style on you may not flatter someone else. Wigs can transform your look so you can opt for younger, more on-trend look or use them to change up your style and experiment before making a permanent decision at the salon. Confidence is key when you are wearing a wig and feeling comfortable in your style really shows in the overall look.

Knowing your face shape is a great indicator of what wig will compliment your unique features.
There are a few ways you can work out your face shape.

How To Work Out Your Face Shape:

wig mirrorMirror: Stand in front of the mirror and look at the full outline of your face. Use something that can be easily removed from the mirror surface, a bar of soap or lipstick for example, and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror to identify your face shape.

cameraPhotograph: Alternatively you can use a recent portrait photograph and using a tracing paper and a pencil, trace the outline of your face onto a piece of paper.

wig tapeMeasurement: Take a soft tape measure and measure from your front hairline, round to just above the ears, then round to where your neck bends, under the occipital bone, (which is also called the Bone of Knowledge!) – And then back round to the front hairline from where you started. For more information read this post.

So how do we know what wig will suit us best?
This simple guide on face shape will help you decide on the perfect style for you:

Oval Face ShapeOval: The oval face shape is typically narrower at the jaw with a gently rounded hairline and the length of your face is around one and half times the width. The oval face shape is considered as the ‘ideal’ face shape as it is symmetrical with proportional features due to no dominant characteristics. If you have this face shape then you will suit almost any wig so the choice is yours! The most flattering wig styles for oval faces are ones that sit away from your face to accentuate its shape.

Square Face ShapeSquare: The square face shape is characterised by a wide angular jaw which is the same width as the forehead. As you have a strong jawline and hairline it’s best to steer clear from straight, angular hair styles. What’s more, avoid straight styles that end at the jawline as they will over emphasise the angles of your face. Try and find a wig that adds height on the top to elongate your symmetrical shape and narrows at the sides, creating the illusion of length. Softening the face is key for a flattering look so opt for a layered or wavy style to break up the strong angles of your face.

Round Face ShapeRound: A round face shape usually consists of a wide hairline and a circular form. Women with round faces are described as having a face that is relatively short and broad with fullness just under the cheekbones. The widest part of a round shaped face is where the cheeks and ears are situated. The best wigs for round face shapes are ones that create fullness and height at the crown and stay flatter at the cheekbones, to elongate the length of your face. Face frame wigs and wigs styles with an off centre parting also look great as they help to soften the fullness in your cheeks. Avoid blunt cuts which round at the jawline as this will mirror your face shape and add even more weight to the roundness at your jaw.

Heart Face ShapeHeart: A heart face shape typically has a wide forehead, high angular cheekbones and narrow chin which looks like an upside down triangle. Often, heart shaped faces have a ‘widow’s peak’ hairline. This shape lends itself perfectly to the crop, tapered at the neck to emphasise your elfin features. Flattering wigs for heart shaped faces include styles with long wispy fringes that fall across the forehead or styles which keep the hair close to the head when it reaches the eyes. Face framed wigs with layers or a bob also suit a heart shape as it creates balance in the face and re-establishes symmetry. Try to avoid styles which have fullness and height at the crown as this will over accentuate a narrow chin.

Once you have successfully identified your face shape and are happy with your choice of wig style you can then go on to experiment with a wider variety of styles. However, try not to feel compelled to stick to this guide, as choosing a wig is all about feeling comfortable and happy in any style, after all you’re the one that’s wearing it! Browse our beautiful collection of ladies wigs and find the right style for you or contact us for helpful wig advice from our dedicated, experienced (and very lovely) team.

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3 thoughts on “How to Choose a Wig Style to Flatter your Face

    1. If you have a very strong, angular face shape, then lucky you as you project the appearance of strength and power, such as Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock. They wear their hair very long and straight, emphasizing her square strong features.

      If you are wanting to lessen the features then this is easily accomplished by having a style with texture such as curls or choppy ends. Short to medium length is the best. Textured Bob styles which fall onto the face and relaxed waves effectively disguise the widest points of the face. But if you like longer hair then go with long styles incorporating chin length layers. Make a middle or slightly off centre parting. If you fancy a fringe then opt for longer broken up full one or a wispy half fringe.

      Avoid very short or cropped styles or short styles that stop at the widest part of the face and expose the sharp jaw line and strong chin.

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