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I LOVE innovative websites. Exciting internet shops that look fabulous and are really easy to order from and I order a lot of items online. This is much to the amusement of my two daughters who still think that I struggle with the TV remote. That is why Stuart and I try so hard with our Simply Wigs website.

‘We want our customers to have a wonderful time shopping with us’

One thing I have noticed recently whilst shopping online, is that there are an awful lot of sites that blazon across their front page, that they are family run. My question that I ask Stuart regularly is . . . Are they really’?
Or are they just saying that because they think it makes me feel warm & fuzzy. This phrase seems to be branded about by companies who use it as a marketing tool. Here at Simply Wigs we don’t use it to hoodwink you. We are a family run business and I thought I would introduce you to my lovely family. . . . .

em and stuartStuart and I started Simply Wigs at a very, very small desk in our very, very small bedroom. We love what we do and I hope that this shows through our website and our customer service.
I also love Stuart too. We would not be very good doing this by ourselves, but together we are pretty good.

Simply Wigs is part of our family 

Mum. My lovely mum is our Filing Queen. She joins our team on a Friday and organises our folders to within an inch of their lives. She is also wearing the fabulous Ginger Lace wig in Large.We seem to have large heads in our family 🙂 Dad. My fabulous dad organises all the invoices and ties them all together. He comes in on a Friday with his calculator at the ready. Daughters. Both of our daughters work part time for us. They pack boxes, make up boxes, work on the website. Plus they bicker with each other, all the time. And I mean all the time. The joys of a real family business 🙂   The above are my genetic family. And this is why I can beam with pride to say that Simply Wigs is a genuinely, family run business.

I would also like to say that Simply Wigs is what it is, because of our extended family . . . Our Simply Wigs team. Everyone of our staff holds a place in my heart as they are committed to the Simply Wigs philosophy. Each and everyone of them plays such an important part in providing our customers with the customer service that our company is now renowned for.

Simply Wigs Staff

‘We really are a family run business’

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3 thoughts on “A family run wig business

  1. I agree with all the comments from other customers. I have partial alopecia due to an autoimmune disorder, and, having experience of buying wigs at high street shops over the past few years, I would now not buy from anywhere else but Simply Wigs, having shopped with the latter for the past year or so (when I’ve bought three wigs from them). Long may you flourish in the business world. Best wishes.

  2. I just love Simply Wigs and can’t wait for Friday’s special Wig.
    Lots of love and hugs to you all, the whole team and keep on
    with your way of doing things – it’s perfect. Don’t change
    anything. No other company can compare with
    SIMPLY WIGS !!! xxx

  3. I love this article, and totally love the whispers !!!

    It is so apparent and obvious to all of us who come to you guys that you want to go the extra mile…… from the customer service when contacting, to the packaging…… it is phenomenal!

    Emma and Stuart, and all….. you are all amazing x

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