Our Guide to Headwear for Hair Loss

When confronted with hair loss, many women understandably shy away from headwear as it can often feel like a drastic change from a natural head of hair. However, our beautiful range of headwear for hair loss doesn’t have disguise in mind, instead taking inspiration from that latest designer style and fashion trends to provide you with headwear that not only looks good, but feels good too.

Our Guide To Headwear For Hairloss

Our handy guide to headwear for hair loss takes you through some of our key styles to help you decide on the right piece for you.


Choosing a hat to conceal partial or complete hair loss is not too dissimilar from choosing a new hat for the colder weather or picking out a gorgeous new hat on the high street.
As we snowball into the winter season, we all need a good hat, hair loss or no hair loss. A great place to start is the look you want to achieve so work out what colours go with your wardrobe, many of our ladies opt for neutral colours to mix and match with their favourite outfits.

We suggest always going for hats that offer full coverage, keeping your scalp warm and disguising any hair loss you may want to conceal. Choose from a range of styles which start from the nape and sit along the natural hairline, our collection really does cover everything!
Softness is also a must-have in hats for hair loss. Sensitive scalps require a fabric that understands sensitivity and soft breathable fabrics do just that. A smooth inner liner is also great for keeping your skin happy so choose a hat with minimal seams to avoid irritation.

sacrf-for-hairlossHead Scarves

Heads scarves are considered the lighter alternative in our headwear portfolio. Head scarves come in many shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics so the possibilities really are endless (and it does make picking a favourite very very difficult)! Our range includes silk head scarves, designed for ladies with complete hair loss, they provide a silky soft and luxurious feel against the scalp. Silk head scarves can be worn in any season but the lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for the warmer months. Be careful though, silk is quite a demanding fabric so to keep it in tip-top condition it requires a little extra TLC. Banded head scarves also play a starring role in our head scarf collection, and rightly so. Banded head scarves provide a secure fit that you can rely on all day long. The band fits snugly around the head and from there billows lots of lovely soft material to give lift and volume to your look.

Whether you want to make a bold fashion statement and opt for a vibrant design or would like a neutral shade to tie in with your overall look, we have a beautiful collection of patterns and colours to choose from so you can show off a style that reflects you and your personality.


Turbans are our most popular headwear option for women suffering with hair loss. With a clever blend of durability and super softness, turbans can be dressed up or down and look great day or night. Turbans also make great sleep caps. Up to half of our overall body heat can be lost through our head and for women suffering with hair loss, that blanket of warmth natural hair can create is no longer there to work its magic. Sleep caps keep your head warm and snug and traps in your body heat to make sure you don’t feel the cold throughout the night. Turbans are designed to wrap around the head and offer complete coverage. You will also notice that many turbans feature subtle folds in the fabric. The fabric folds add soft volume, and creates a flattering frame for your face. Many women style their hair away from the face and the soft frame of natural hair is beautifully emulated in the style of a turban.

Our collection features lots of gorgeous styles from brands we all know and love. Discover styles from Christine Collection, Ellen Wille Latifa and the Gisela Mayer series in a range of fabrics and designs. Headwear for hair loss is not for everyone and we understand that every hair loss journey is a completely personal one. If you’re a self-confessed wigaholic, we have a gorgeous collection of ladies wigs, designed to give you a straight from the salon style that’s a cut above the rest.

Our sophisticated selection of headwear is great for comfortable coverage with a fashion ready impact or if you prefer to just be bald and beautiful, we will do everything we can to make that journey a little bit easier so you can get back to feeling like you again. If you would like any more information or advice on any of headwear ranges, contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you with whatever you might need.

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