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eyebrowsDIARY DATE 19.02.2013

It is not many people who can claim to go to work and get excited about a brow delivery.
But today is a fabulous day as I have been testing, playing with and falling in love with the
Human Hair Brows

Love Kate

I am a great fan of the semi permanent brows that we currently supply as they look sensational . If though you are looking to go to the next level of human hair brows, then look no more. There are five colours available:

eye-brow-colour-darkest-brownlight browndark blondeeye-brow-colour-soft-blackeye-brow-colour-grey

All the available colours I think are incredibly realistic, except… dare I say it…colour 56. The blend of White and Black strands does not look natural to me and I think that you will be very, very lucky to carry this colour off as a realistic look. After that comment….looks like we’ll not sell any of that shade then 🙁

Who can wear human hair eyebrows?

You are best suited to these brows if you have complete brow loss, or if you have very fine brows. I have brows that on days can look like Dennis Healy, so I politely asked our wonderful customer Wendy if she would do me the honours and test the brows for me.

wendy-afterwendy-beforeWendy tested them, loved them and bought enough packs to last her until 2020. As Wendy fluttered around our offices, looking 10 ten years younger in her new brows, we ascertained from her joyful gait, that she loved them.


How do you put them on and how long do they last?

(1) Simply peel the back off and position straight up from your eye & just where the brow would be. (2) Put pressure on the brow until you feel confident that they are secure. I suggest that you apply the brows as part of your daily make up routine. (3) Adhere on the morning and remove at night.

NOTE: The brows will stay sticky for the period of approximately a week. It will depend upon your own beauty routine how long the stickiness will last. If you use oils rather than cream on your face, the lifespan of these brows will be dramatically reduced.

In each brow pack there are three pairs of additional adhesive tape strips (cut to be the perfect fit for the brows). When eventually the tape strips do lose their effectiveness, you may want to take a tip from Wendy and use Eyelash Glue to adhere the brows. Or you may prefer to buy wig tape & cut to the shape of the brow. Your choice.

The Human Hair Brows are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the brow world.

Completely realistic, Completely natural and Completely addictive. Take a look at the human hair brows….!

A huge thumbs up from me (and Wendy).

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