Our Public Warning for Wig Wearers

Our Public Warning for the Wig Wearing Community

Radio 4’s You & Yours

Emma recently appeared on the Radio 4’s consumer affairs programme You & Yours to discuss the increasing trend of disreputable wig companies trading online to UK customers. Offering caring and helpful advice to listeners (a Simply Wigs ethos) Emma explained how wig companies based in China are cloning trustworthy wig websites and using .co.uk addresses to fool customers into thinking they are a reliable website.

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Emma discussed a recent customer experience which involved our own website. She described a call from a customer based in the UK seeking advice. However, it soon became apparent that this customer has actually been using a clone of our website, even down to the finer detail such as our advice helpline!

With the help of our lovely wig wearing community and lots of research, we have been able to collate a list of all the dishonest wig websites to offer a warning to others and stop these individuals from charging over inflated prices for inferior wigs. You can read our full list in our detailed guide, providing information about these Chinese companies. If you have bought a wig and you are unsure about its quality, be aware of a chemical smell. Emma explained that this smell appears when the natural hair colour has been stripped out of the wig in order for it to be chemically dyed to a different range of colours. The stripping of the colour also strips away the hair quality and therefore you are left with a substandard wig.

Emma finished with a couple of tips for listeners to prevent the purchase of low quality wig:

  • Always go to the contact page and look for full contact details of the wig company, including address, phone number, email and postcode.
  • If there is only an email address for contact, alarm bells should start ringing immediately. Check the overall spelling and grammar on the site.

Although Chinese companies are getting better at cloning a trustworthy site, they still slip up and spotting these mistakes is what could prevent a disappointing purchase.

BBC_Radio_4.svgListen to the interview now » (STARTING POINT 26mins 32secs)

And remember . . . If you know of any more disreputable wig companies trading online then just let us know. Simply add your comment to the bottom of this page and we will update our list once we have checked it out.

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4 thoughts on “Our Public Warning for Wig Wearers

  1. I also have been scammed by a Chinese devil, when my wig arrived along with a pink plastic childs comb, no paperwork on how to care for what can only be described as a floor mop I immediately complained and said that I would like to return the wig and wanted a refund as it wasn’t as described, I received a e mail from Chinese jennifer offering me a £5.00 refund which I refused, I opened a case with paypal who took over on my behalf I was then told that I could keep the wig plus the £5.00 if I removed my complaint which I refused, I returned the wig with tracking , once I supplied pay pal with proof it was being returned they refunded me, without them I wouldn’t have stood a chance and would have lost a lot of money as it wasn’t cheap.

  2. Add Wigsmart.co.uk to your list. They’ve got it wrapped up – the goods arrived with zero paperwork – no way of returning them. I was not happy with the quality, I managed to trackdown an email address to contact them but they are stalling – they want photographs – WHY – The goods are exactly as received, I am not happy with them, I want to return them and get a refund as per my consumer rights! The fact I have not been given the means to do this shows this company for what it is – DISREPUTABLE!

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