Raquel Welch wigs UPDATE

We are all aware that Raquel Welch wigs include some of our customers most popular styles, from both the UK collection and Urban Style collections. We are delighted to announce that both collections have recently extended their styles . . .  

So, get ready to grab a cup of coffee, and check out these fabulous new looks. Enjoy!

Extended Raquel Welch Collection

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3 thoughts on “Raquel Welch wigs UPDATE

    1. Creamy Twist is a lovely, Light Creamy Blonde with subtle Platinum Blonde Highlights. Incredibly similar to Creamy Blonde from the Rene of Paris range

  1. Good morning,
    These new styles are just so lovely, particularly love the “California Mono“ ……I’m sure I’m on Santa’s I’ve been good list???? Just need to let my husband know????????

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