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The friendly delivery driver knocked at the door. I skipped to let him in. I opened the package with trepidation wondering what delight Gisela Mayer had sent us this time. I then held my hands up to the sky, danced around the warehouses and praised thanks to the Wig Goddesses that had sent me the fabulous HUMAN HAIR collection of
E X Q U I S I T E L Y    L U X U R I O U S 

Buying a human hair wig has to be a considered decision. They are more expensive than fibre wigs and they also take a lot of looking after. I own one human hair wig and I treat ‘her’ with as much care and consideration as my one and only cashmere jumper. smiley face Treat your human hair wig like royalty! The more you look after human hair wigs, the longer they will last. It’s as simple as that.

Should you buy a human hair wig?

Every person has their own story and each person buys a wig for their own reasons. If though you are looking for the best and most realistic look……then absolutely yes. Human Hair wigs look incredible. The quality of HUMAN HAIR wigs can vary from supplier to supplier and I feel that this collection from Gisela Mayer is outstanding. There are lots of different lengths, so you have plenty of choice. Also, do remember to look at the ‘What’s Inside’ information as each wig has a slightly different inside cap construction. This is so that you can tailor your choice to your specific need. The Today , Tropical , Magic , Club , GlamourMelinda and Exclusive are all completely Hand Tied. This construction will be incredibly soft against your head. Perfect if you have complete hairloss.

exclusiv wigMy favourite from the collection is the Exclusive Light Long wig. As soon as you put this fabulous piece on your head, you are transformed into the goddess you deserve to be. Looks like your own hair. Moves like your own hair. Feels like your own hair.

I am still dancing with happiness.
Why don’t you try a wig from this collection and I think you’ll be dancing too!

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