Welcome to the Georgia, Hailey and Ivy Wigs from Noriko!

Welcome to the Georgia, Hailey and Ivy…


The 3 new stars from Noriko. When I receive a delivery from Noriko, before I even open the box I know that the quality and style is going to be fabulous. Noriko wigs are renowned for their exquisite construction & modern styles. I think it’s true to say that I have a slight crush on ‘Noriko’.

The first wig is the Georgia. A monafilament construction, so you can be confident that your look will be completely natural. This wig is not too long, and not too short. I’m about 5ft 4” and this wig settles just below my shoulders. There is a soft flick at the tips which makes you want to swish your hair in a goddess like fashion. Love the Georgia. Makes me feel sophisticated.

Onto the Hailey wig. All hail to Hailey! She’s a wefted wig, which fits well (I’m an AVERAGE size) and it is comfortable to wear. If someone is looking at you from the back, they will notice quite a graduated shape that then falls into definite points, below my chin. Quite a modern shape that has lots of swish. Priced at £110.00 so it is a good price too.

I particular love the new Ivy wig, as it is a no fuss style. Just take out of the box, shake and pop on your head. Longer layers at the crown (which I tucked behind my ear to look casual) and then lovely flicks at the back which make me look up to date with trends, (but not too funky!) Priced at £99.00, this is a brilliant price for a comfortable ladies wig that is no fuss, but lots of style.

All in all, Noriko wigs have done it again. They have added three gorgeous new wigs to their range which we are happy to supply to you as we know that you will fall in love with them.

Enjoy!noriko wigs 3

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