Wig Styles at the Bafta Awards

Cropped Looks and Chic Hairstyles stole the limelight. . .

The red carpet was plush, the celebrities were gathered & the outfits were sensational. The BAFTA 2014 celebrations gave us a perfect opportunity to worship at the altar of designer dresses, as well as being allowed to marvel at the latest hairstyles this season.

Celebrity Hair Styles


The very talented Maggie Gyllenhaal charmed the BAFTA audience on Monday evening . Not only with her stunning Lanvin lace gown & embroidered details, but also with her cute, cropped hairstyle that was modern, flattering & incredibly ‘en trend’. If you are wanting to replicate this gorgeous hairstyle, then check out our Cropped Looks. They are easy to maintain, light to wear & perfect for having an instant ‘hair-makeover’

‘Minimum Fuss For Maximum Impact!’



Dame Judi Dench is a lady that we love and admire. Her immense acting accolades, her fabulous style & of course not forgetting that she’s Yorkshire born & bred! Her glamorous outfit was perfectly complimented on Monday evening by her creamy, short cropped haircut. She looked sophisticated, chic & utterly fabulous for 79! If you loved her hair colour, check out the colour Platinum Pearl from Rene of Paris.

‘Moderate styling for all ages!’


WOW! Jennifer Lawrence (shown right). She has gone from bright young star to fully fledged Hollywood royalty in just 12 months. Jennifer Lawrence is hot property and so are her hairstyles! She has recently been wearing the modern, super-styled pixie cut with amazing effect.

‘Young, Sensational Styling!’

Short, Cropped wigs offer flexibility and easy styling options. Short wigs open up the focus of your face and brings the attention upwards, to the eyes. Short wigs are not only classy and chic; they are the easiest to care for and style. Cropped wig styles suit every age group and face shape, making them incredibly versatile, as well as stylish!.

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