Wig Styles at the Golden Globe Awards

How can I get the Maggie Gyllenhaal look?

The latest celebration stateside has been the Golden Globe awards. Fabulous dresses adorned the red carpets and the stars were glammed up for a night of celebration. Here at Simply Wigs HQ, our favourite hairstyle for the night was beautifully carried off by the gorgeous Maggie Gyllenhaal. A feminine and cropped style that was effortlessly stunning. As soon as we saw her cut, we thought of the fabulous Risk Comfort wig. A very similar style with short, cropped layers and a cute, baby fringe. If you fancy following in the very accomplished style stakes of Maggie, then check the Risk Comfort out. Luxurious, comfortable and ultimately will make you feel like you are walking on your own red carpet.

risk-wig-golden-globeTake a look at the Risk Comfort wig from Ellen Wille.

Here is the ultimate wig for discovering your inner elegance. An effortless style that will feel fabulous, look fabulous and create an instant persona of sophistication. The Risk Comfort is the upgrade and ultra comfy version of the Risk wig. For all of us wig wearers who demand luxury, the Risk Comfort has ticked all of our boxes. The exquisite cap construction is completely hand tied, so it will feel soft and light against you head. The Risk Comfort is a Monofilament wig, aswell as incorporating a Lace Front. These extra features will ensure that your new look will be undetectable. There are short, cropped layers throughout the Risk Comfort, with a pretty and modern short fringe. The fringe measures approximately 4cm, so this look is definitely en vogue this season. Follow in the very glamorous footsteps of Bettie Page. The baby fringe queen! The Risk Comfort wig has it all. Comfort, effortless style and ultimately she will not look like a wig. What more can we ask for?

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