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Are there specific wigs for Chemotherapy patients?

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A lot of our customers say that there are many side effects associated with chemotherapy, but the most traumatic of them is the hair loss that patients have to go through. They know that they have cancer, which is an incredibly difficult disease to deal with, but the hair loss gives them a daily reminder of what they are going through. A lot of ladies want to know if there are specific wigs for chemotherapy? Ultimately it is your own personal decision if you wish to wear a wig, or not. If you are though undergoing chemotherapy and have decided to wear a wig, then please feel reassured that wigs are now so fabulously advanced that we are confident that there will be a style from our portfolio that will suit all your requirements. Wigs suitable for chemotherapy patients need to be comfortable and natural looking.

Below are some guidelines that will hopefully help you make the right decision. . .

Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair wigs

There are two main options that you have when you are considering buying a wig – Synthetic wigs or wigs made from Human Hair. Many of our customers who are undergoing chemotherapy prefer to go for synthetic wigs as they are easier to maintain. Human Hair wigs are utterly beautiful, but just be aware that they need lots of care and attention to ensure that they remain looking fabulous. Synthetic wigs on the other hand are much more affordable and will retain their shape without the hassle of styling. Here at Simply Wigs we are not suggesting that you dismiss human hair wigs, just be aware that you will have to take time to look after them, in order for them to remain stunning.

The Construction of the Wig

A proportion of our customers who are undergoing treatment, comment that their scalp becomes sensitive. This is why it is important to consider the cap construction of your wig purchase. The softer it is, the more comfortable it will be against your scalp. Take a look at the Monofilament wigs & Completely Hand Tied wigs. These wigs are suitable if you undergoing chemotherapy, as they will be gentler against your skin.

Comfort and Styling

This is such an important consideration when you are purchasing a wig. Making sure it fits & sits comfortable on your head. (Please read our magazine article on ‘How to measure for a wig?’). Getting the size right will have a massive impact on how comfortable you will feel, when wearing your wig.

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If you are undergoing treatment and have decided that wearing a wig is going to be part of your journey, then all of us at Simply Wigs strongly believe that there is a wig out there for you. It may not be the first wig that you try on, but there will be a style that will help you feel more ‘you’ again. We are here to help you find the right one. You can either call us on 01484 844557, or you can email and we will do our very best to help you. Also, are you aware that as you are undergoing cancer treatment, you are eligible to claim the VAT back from your wig purchase price (20%) ?

Wearing wigs is still though your personal choice. Not all of our customers have chosen to wear wigs, whilst they are undergoing treatment. You may find that wearing a Headscarf, or Wrap is the more suitable solution for your journey. If so, then you may find the following magazine article of interest. ‘Christine Collection of Headscarves’. A beautiful collection of headwear which is soft, comfortable and very modern. Perfect for Chemotherapy patients.
If you decide to wear wigs, headwear or nothing at all. . . . remember it is completely your choice. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and remember to make a choice which will suit you and your lifestyle.

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