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Dimples Human Hair Eyebrows Natural Curve (Style 17)

Dimples Human Hair Eyebrows Natural Curve (Style 17) shown In colour Medium Brown Style 17 colour 6 main Zoom Roll over the image and click to zoom
Dimples Human Hair Eyebrows Natural Curve (Style 17) shown In colour Medium Brown Style 17 colour 6 main Dimples Human Hair Eyebrows Natural Curve (Style 17) shown In colour Medium Brown


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What's It Like?

Simply Wigs Top Tip
The Natural Curve is a stunning slim brow with a slight curve to accentuate your features. It is a medium length and will look natural and realistic.

Here at Simply Wigs, we are pleased to launch exclusively the 'Rolls Royce' of Human Hair brows. This outstanding product from Dimples exceeds all samples that we have previously been asked to test.

The brows are currently available in six colours, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown and Warm Blonde.

Let's begin with what you will need to look gorgeous. You will need the Brows and the accompanying Brow Glue (£15.00), plus tweezers and cotton buds.

The brows are incredibly easy to apply. Simply remove from the packaging and lay, smooth side facing upwards, on a flat surface. Make sure that the brow area of your face is clean and dry before you start the application. Using tweezers to hold the brow, apply one thin layer of brow glue. Be careful not to over apply, as this will clog the brow. Aim not to apply any glue at the edges of the see through backing of the brow.

Wait for approximately 3-5 minutes for the glue to turn transparent. You can then repeat with a second thin layer. Immediately follow this by applying a thin layer of glue to the desired area you wish to position the brow on your face. Wait again for approximately 3-5 minutes and finish by carefully positioning each eyebrow onto the desired area with your tweezers. Press down onto the eyebrow only when you are completely happy that the position is correct. If you have any excess glue showing, you can simply remove using a cotton bud dabbed in warm water.

If these brows are looked after properly, they should last up to four months. One application of glue should last up to three days. This will depend upon your own skins acidity and oil levels.

We are delighted to announce that our testers have successfully swam in these brows. It will depend upon your own skin, but swimming in this products has passed with flying colours! Do be aware though that warm water may encourage the brow to lift away from the skin. You may need to reapply some glue perhaps after a warm shower.

Here at Simply Wigs, we feel that you would be best suited to these brows if you have complete brow loss, or if you have very fine brows. These Human Hair brows from Dimples are completely amazing and we think that they are a wonderful product for the Simply Wigs community.

Just a quick point, due to the nature of this product, if the brow has been removed from the packaging we can not accept back as a return.

Intellectual Property Rights - The wording to describe this product has been specifically created for Simply Wigs Ltd to help customers find what they're looking for. The wording is not to be copied, in accordance with Intellectual Property Law.

Available Colours

Colour 2 - Darkest Brown Colour 4 - Dark Brown Colour 6 - Medium Brown Colour 8 - Light Brown

Full details:

What takes your fancy?: Human Hair
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False Eyebrow Colour: Brown False Eyebrows
Black False Eyebrows
False Eyebrow Type: Human Hair False Eyebrows

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By Sarah
from London

I suffer from Trichotillomania and after having a particularly bad episode and having almost zero eyebrows left I ordered these. I can't believe how amazing they are. I really think that it's pretty much impossible to tell that they're fake, especially when using a brow powder to help blend them. I've been using fake eyelashes for over 10 years to hide my lack of eyelashes, I now think these will be a permanent feature of my daily make up routine. 100% worth the money.

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Questions & Answers

Q. How much are the brows in US currency
A. Our website is charged is UK GBP £
we suggest checking your currency rate with the Fabulous
Q. I am really interested in this product , is there a consultation anywhere before I purchase as I don't know how dark to go as it's hard to tell on pictures also shape , My brows do grow back does the glue effect the growth ? I just pick occasionally , I like the brow looking darker also what colour would you recommend and shape wise I wouldn't know I have an arch in my brow is there any way I could send s picture ?


A. These brows are designed for complete hairloss.
The brows can effect the natural regrowth as removal of the brows and glue can cause the natural hairs to be pulled out.
Sadly we do not offer consulatikons for brows, if you choose a style and it is unsuitable, they can be returned (in an unworn, perfect condition)
Q. Can these eyebrows be used multiple times, as in a daily basis?
Do you have to remove them before you go to sleep?
A. Yes, the brows can be worn multiple times and on a daily basis. Even though some of our clients do sleep in the brows we would not recommend this.

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