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Grey False Eyebrows

Grey Fake Eyebrows

If you are purchasing Grey Fake Eyebrows due to alopecia, chemotherapy treatment or you have simply over plucked your brow shape , then Simply Wigs has the perfect solution for you. The popular Grey Fake Eyebrows from The Beauti-Full Brows range (as recommended by the Daily Mail-Femail) work like transfer tattoos and are incredibly popular. False Eyebrows can define your face and these products will help you regain your brow shape once again!

Grey Eyebrows

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False Eyebrow Nelli Brow

False Eyebrow Nelli Brow

Price: £8.50

False Eyebrow Nelli Brow

The Nelli Brow is a slim, feathered brow. Steel grey in colour and 1-7/8 inch in length. Perfect if you have small features.

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