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Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer Amore Rene of Paris

Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer Amore shown In colour Spring Honey Zoom Roll over the image and click to zoom
Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer Amore shown In colour Spring Honey Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer Amore shown In colour Gold Blonde Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer Amore shown In colour Gold Blonde


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What's It Like?

Simply Wigs Top Tip
Why not try the gorgeous colour Spring Honey? A warm blonde with very, very fine golden/pale blonde highlights. Subtle enough to add warmth, but not chunky enough to notice!

The stunning 'Medium Top Mono' Enhancement Hairpiece from Rene of Paris is gorgeous. Perfect if you have thinning hair, but you do not have a requirement for a full wig.

'Enhancement Hairpieces' are a fantastic solution to blend into your own hair, without the heaviness of a full wig.

The Medium Top Mono is a Monofilament construction. This clever design will create the effect that the hair is coming from your own scalp. A solution for you that looks completely natural.

How Do I Attach?

Simply position the Enhancer Hairpiece towards the front of your hairline. There are four pressure clips located at the top and bottom of the Monofilament construction.

With four simple clicks, the Medium Top Mono will lay comfortably against your head and your look will feel secure all day, every day. The pressure clips enables the attachment to be less bulky and more compact. Take a look at the 'Attachment Type' tab to view the exact design of this amazing piece.

The Medium Top Mono measures approximately 26cm. Use to blend with your own hair and create extra coverage that is undetectable.

If you are purchasing an Enhancement Hairpiece .......

1) Check your colour choice. The better the colour match, the better the blend between your own hair and the hairpiece.

2) Don't be afraid to visit your hairdressers to have the Enhancer 'tweaked'. You may decide it needs to be trimmed to perfect your look!

Intellectual Property Rights - The wording to describe this product has been specifically created for Simply Wigs Ltd to help customers find what they're looking for. The wording is not to be copied, in accordance with Intellectual Property Law.

Attachment Type


Zoom Roll over the image and click to zoom

Available Colours

Blondes Click on colour swatch for more details

Browns Click on colour swatch for more details

Full details:

Attachment Type: Hair Enhancements
Hairpiece Brands: Rene of Paris Hairpieces
Approximate Dimensions: Overall Length: 8" (20cm)
Length: Short Length Hairpieces
What takes your fancy?: Hair Enhancement Pieces

360° View

The colour shown below is Gold Blond

Click and drag the image to rotate it 360°

Our Beautiful Customers!

A simple solution. One of our amazing customers wearing the Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer. Stunning! A simple solution. One of our amazing customers wearing the Medium Top Mono Hair Enhancer. Stunning!

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Questions & Answers

Q. Hello, can you tell me if this hairpiece has enough hair in the front to form a fringe? Also, the hair at the crown of my head is fairly short and thin, will I be able to clip in the hairpiece?
A. a fringe could be cut into this piece, we would advise that this is undertaken by a professional wig cutter or hairdresser.

Please see our 360 view this will show how the piece looks straight out of the box and the area this style will cover.
Q. Could you please tell me which is the darker shade Marble Brown or Medium Brown. I usually wear Dark Brown but the hair in my last Berlin topper is so course and thick the colour appears too dark and dense so would like to try something lighter but still need some darkness to marry in with my own hair.
A. We would say that the Marble Brown looks a darker shade as it is Medium Brown base blended with a Light Auburn. This colour can vary depending upon the length of the style.
The Medium Brown blend that is warm and slightly Golden. It is a mix of colour numbers 6 & 8, so it will have the darkness, blended with a warmth aswell
Q. Hi I have just ordered this hair piece could you tell me if it can be styled and parted on the left or right side ..many thanks
A. As this is a Monofilament piece the parting can be put in on the left or right side :)
Q. Hi

I'm thinking of ordering this hair enhancer in Ginger Brown. I have a Hot Hair full wig in Ginger Brown which is a perfect colour for me. Just wanted to know if Rene of Paris Ginger Brown is the same shade as Hot Hair?. If not what colour would be the nearest
A. You will not get an exact match because the piece is from a different brand but the closest colour is the Ginger Brown.
Q. Hi there can you use Heat on this enhancer? Also I am a very light blonde platinum with a few warm blonde tones through my hair which colour do you think would be best match?
A. This is a synthetic fibre piece so no heat can be used on it. From the way you describe your hair I would imagine the Vanilla Lush would be the closest colour.
Q. Hi can this piece be washed and dried
A. Yes, that is no problem at all. Simply follow the washing instructions that are sent out with your order :)
Q. I have some frontal hair loss with a receding hairline - would this piece work for me?
A. Hi, it should work fine. The hair piece has a very natural finish so will blend into the hair that you have. It is a very popular product for this reason.
Q. Could you blend your own fringe in with this?
A. Hi, that is no problem at all. You may find that you will need to trim the piece to neatly blend in.
Q. If I wore this wig on a daily basis how long would it last . . .
A. This will ultimately depend on the environment that you wear it in and on how you look after the piece. But as a general rule synthetic fibre wigs can last 8 months and upwards.
Q. Hello, is this wig made out of human hair ? Thank you
A. Hi there,
This piece is made from a blend of synthetic fibres.
Q. Is this item good as top piece weared with clip in extensions?
is it still available expresso color?
Many Thanks.
A. Hello,
This piece is one of our most popular pieces. If you feel comfortable wearing with clip extensions then it would be fine.
But you may also consider other options such as 3/4 hairpieces or maybe a full piece. Please call a member of our team on 01484844557 and we will be able to discuss all options that are available to you.

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