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How to Buy a Wig

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First Time Wig Buyers Guide

We get asked so many questions by people that will be wearing a wig for the first time that we decided to put the most common questions asked to us in an 'easy to read' guide. There are so many styles and constructions of wigs available that you may feel overwhelmed by all the information that you have searched for on the web! Simply sit back and read through our own experts guide to the simple basics that you need to know before purchasing your first wig...


What's My Style?

Is it you? What style suits me?

If you are wearing a wig for the first time you may want to stay with a style that is familiar to you. We have every style imaginable! You will find a style similar to your own or you can be daring and go for a complete new look! A change of colour, a change of texture. . . it's up to you.

Our clients are always telling us 'I wish I had chosen a wig earlier as its a lot easier than my own hair!'. From short 'sassy' cuts to long luxurious styles and we have made it easy for you by putting them into the following categories.

Take a look and see if you can find a style that you like or a style that you want to try. . .


What's My Size?

Remember, what ever your size we can help

Did you know?   95% of our customers are an average size. Even if you are not in that group the wigs have ADJUSTABLE PULL STRAPS. There is up to an inch give, so the wig can be tightened or slackened, depending upon the size of your head.

How Do I Measure? Easy. . . All you need is a soft tape measure. Simply, measure around the circumference of your head - from the hairline - behind the ear - around the nape - and then back around to the front hairline again. EASY! Take a look at out magazine article on 'Wig Size'

Child / Petite Petite 19" (48.3cm)
Petite 21" (53.3 cm)
Petite / Average 21.5" (54.6cm)
Average 22" (55.8cm)
Large 23" (58.4cm)
Wig Buying Guide

What do you mean by Wig Construction?

All wigs are not equal.

At Simply Wigs we have always said that you pay for what you get and as a general rule of thumb that is true! But why?
Wigs may look the same on the outside but when it comes to 'construction' you need to look underneath the piece. Take a look at the different types of construction below and you will find out the main differences. . .

• Very natural appearance as each hair moves freely. • Creates a very natural hairline. • Illusion of natural growth from scalp where the hair is parted. Pre-teased at the roots so creating lift.
• Styling versatility as you can comb the hair in any direction. • Allows for styling hair away from the face. Double mono layer of extra soft material for added comfort. • Cost effective, durable & affordable.
• Ideal for sensitive scalps, the softest and most comfortable cap. Caution when handling due to the delicate nature of the material. • Full top, Parting or Crown areas. • Good air ventilation from the open wefting construction.
• Lightest construction method. • Ready to wear now available. • Most popular type of wig. • Capless and traditional types.

Please Note: That the above information is the most common type of construction and that some wigs may be a combination of either of them. As an example you may get a Hand tied wig with a Monofilament top and Lace Front or you may get a Wefted wig style with a Monofilament parting area.

All our products will include detailed product information which is found on the 'Whats Inside' tab.


Do I choose Fibre or Human Hair?

Surely, Human Hair will look better?

This is a common myth and is not necessarily true. There are very good reasons to choose either of the 'hair' type because they both have there own very unique qualities. Take a look at what our experts say in this simple guide.

Fibre wigs vs Human Hair wigs

As you can see from the table below both Human Hair and Fibre have there advantages. Pick what you think that your lifestyle will suit. It really does depend on what you want from the wig.

✓ Most natural look & feel. ✓ Can look and feel quite similar to human hair.
Requires more maintenance - especially after washing Limited styling versatility (No heat to be applied)
✓ Very durable and longer lasting. Less durable, should last between 4-8 months.
More expensive than fibre hair. ✓ Little maintenance, can be worn straight out of the box.
Premium Remy Hair
has the advantage of being the highest quality available and this leads to less tangling and even more durable.
Heat Friendly Fibre
has the advantage of more styling versatility (hot tools may be used - max 350). BUT is less durable (2-3 months lifespan)

and finally a word from Mandy - one of our experts. . .


Wig Expert - MandyWell, just a quick word from one us 'experts' at Simply Wigs. We are not ashamed to say that we do have many years of experience in this industry and we do want to share our knowledge with you. We have just briefly gone over the major facts when you first set out to buy a wig and we realize that you may have another 1001 questions to ask us.

If you do then please get in touch so that we can answer them for you. Remember that you will not be the only one wondering about the question! And that is what we are here for.

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