California Blonde Collection

by jon renau

As Summer is fast approaching, we couldn’t think of a better time to tell you about the new California Blonde collection by Jon Renau. The new, gorgeous Blondes are full of soft, rooted gradients and subtle defining highlights. What a perfect way to show off those Southern California vibes with a fashionable Blonde style.

There are no new styles with the California Blonde collection, only four, fabulous new colours available in lots of the styles we already have!

laguna blonde
A Gold Brown with a pale and natural Gold Blonde blend. Finishing with a shaded medium Brown. Will leave you feeling like a glamorous Blonde.


malibu blonde
A Gold Brown with a light and natural Gold Blonde / pale natural Gold Blonde blend. Finishing with a shaded light, Gold Brown. Leaving you with a Golden glow.


palm springs blonde
A light, Ash Blonde with pure White, natural Violet shades. Finishing with a shaded Dark, natural Ash Blonde. Perfect for those Summer nights.


venice blonde
A light, Ash Blonde and a light, natural Blonde blend. Finishing with a shaded, medium Brown. The perfect, Summer Bleached Blonde shade.


Each colour is available in your favourite styles shown below.

Ignite, Elizabeth, Eve, Drew, Haute, January, Zara, Sarah, Julianne, Cameron, Miranda, Victoria, Alessandra, Mila Emilia, Amber, Marisk Pet, Annette, Kristen, Heidi, Rachel, Meg, Camilla, EasiPart HD 8”, EasiPart HD 12”, EasiPart HD 18”, EasiPart XL HD 8”, EasiPart XL HD 12”, EasiPart XL HD 18”, Top Notch, Top Wave 12”, Top Wave 18”, Top Secret 12”, Top Secret 18”

From the Golden tones of Malibu, to the edgy, sun-bleached Venice and the desert cool of Palm Springs, finishing with the dazzling Laguna,  the California Blonde collection will leave you feeling sun kissed, beachy and glamorous all-day long.

As always, if you need help or advice when it comes to choosing the right colour, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01484 844557. Simply Wigs HQ love introducing you to new colours and we can’t wait to see you all rocking these fabulous shades!

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