Dimples New Roma Wig Review

Monofilament wig UK 

New Roma Wig Review

monofilamnet-wig-newI would never normally pick this sort of wig style, but the New Roma was well received by my husband who thought that I looked younger! Now that’s the sort of comment that I like. This monofilament UK wig has a wefted back and a monofilament top and just paying £130 for a monofilament wig is a really good price. I was pleased how the New Roma felt against my head. New Roma wig She (can I call my wig a ‘she’?) has lots of short layers and then fitted nicely into my neck. I also like the length of the fringe which lay just at my eyebrows. Some of the wigs I have worn have long fringes which I end up pushing to the side as I can’t see. The New Roma fringe is just right.

Monofilament wig New Roma

As somebody who wears wigs all the time, I am particular about how my wigs fit around my ears. If they don’t sit right, I can feel very conscious. I am very happy though with the monofilament wig New Roma wig, as the short layers around my ears were soft and settled comfortably without scratching. Colour wise, I am wearing Autumn Harvest in my photos. It is a shade lighter than my normal colour, so it did change how I looked. Autumn Harvest has lots of pretty colours. A mixture of Medium & Dark Brown plus Dark Gold Blond. There is also a look of Dark Strawberry Red as well. This colour looked like I had just stepped out of a hair salon, after being pampered for a morning by my colour stylist!
The main consensus for this style was that it was natural looking & had a ,trendy ‘boyish’ look. I felt good & looked good so a thumbs up for a Monofilament wig at a fab price. Smiles all round.

Simply Wigs comment:

Always worth to try a NEW style!
You never know what to expect.

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