Wig Comparison Lizzy vs Go Lace

Wig Comparison Head to Head

Lizzy wig (Rene of Paris)  vs  Go Lace wig (Ellen Wille)

Now we know that our short, cropped & spiky wigs lovers out there adore the Lizzy wig from Rene of Paris. We know that you love her as you rave about her on the phones, you write lovingly about her on the reviews and you send us in your photos looking fabulous. We thought that you may like to see a wig comparison.

Here at Simply Wigs HQ, we love the Lizzy too. She’s a wefted wig that you can pop on and have your look in a matter of seconds. There is height which can be spiked, or you can tease to sit a bit flatter should you prefer.

But what if, just what if, one day you were sat checking out your look and thought to yourself, I may just want to step it up a level. Well the next level is here and she is called Go Lace from Ellen Wille. A modern, short cropped look with a subtle, spiky crown area plus . . . . here’s the next level part . . . . a Lace Front. Lace Fronts are fabulous. If the wind blows, or if you want to style your look away from your face, then Lace Fronts will prevent any wig-edge showing.

Now don’t get us wrong. We still love the Lizzy. We still hold her in high esteem and celebrate her gorgeousness. But as you can see in this wig comparison there is always though the option to maybe improve your loveliness.

So if you are tempted to check out the Lace Front, then why not give the Go Lace wig a try? Go Lace was on the #FabFriday a couple of weeks ago and proved very, very popular with our customers, so why not see if you are going to fall in love with Lace Front. She just may become your new best friend.

View  the Lizzy wig     View the  Go Lace wig

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