Beautiful Brows Hit the Headlines!

Beauti-Full Brows® from Simply Wigs are a ‘Godsend’. . .

claire-colemanWe have had an exciting week here at Simply Wigs headquarters with our names in the papers!

The very lovely Claire Coleman from Daily Mail-Femail, called to have a chat with Emma (owner & chief coffee maker) about our popular, Beauti-Full Brows collection.

An article was then published within the Femail ‘Life & Style’ section on Monday 5th August, stating that the Beautiful Brows were a ‘godsend’ and the place to buy them was ‘Simply Wigs’. . . Whooppeeeeee!

Here in the office, we have always LOVED this particular brow product, as they are easy to apply and can transform your face shape in an instant. Sometimes brows can be forgotten in the world of Chemotherapy or Alopecia, but a lot of our customers feel that they are so important, as they help to define your face. Our Beauti-Full Brows collection are also proving to be a success for our customers who have overplucked their eyebrows (I’ve definitely been there!). These simple to use, eyebrow transfers are perfect to give you your shape back again.

Our most popular styles for an instant eyebrow solution.

ginger brow
Ginger Brow:
A realistic looking honey blonde brow 2-1/4 inch in length. Perfect for women with blonde or light brown hair.

crystal brow
Crystal Brow
: Realistic-looking medium brown colored brow tattoo, 2-3/8″ in length with a moderate arc.

Alliyah Brow
Aaliyah Brow
: Realistic-looking black toned false eyebrow tattoo, 2-1/8″ in length with a moderate arc.

There are over 20 shapes within this range, so there are definitely plenty of styles for you to choose from. Beauti-Full Brows have always been a firm favourite with the Simply Wigs team. We are over the moon that they have now been officially recognised as a super product!

All of us here at Simply Wigs, definitely agree with Femail’s verdict. . .
Timesaver – and face-saver
if you have none of your own!

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Brows Hit the Headlines!

  1. Amazing human hair brows love them i feel human again had them on a week and still on !! . Thank you simply wigs and fab sevice !

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