Amore wig Review, by Deborah

Tell us about the wig that you have chosen


amore wig reviewThe Regan, Amore wig, is a little longer than I usually wear, so I wasn’t sure if it would suit me but it looks and feels so natural and the longer side layers have a light, natural movement. I really like the longer fringe too, and I wear it slightly falling over one eye, which looks very sexy according to my husband!(He even said I looked a bit like Jennifer Aniston!!). Because the Regan wig is a Double Monofilament wig, you can choose which side to part your hair on too, depending on what suits you and the bonus is that it looks just like real hair growing on your scalp – amazingly real!

Have you worn the Amore wig Series before?

The Amore Wig Designer Series wig range has some fantastic styles to suit every face shape at a reasonable price for such high quality. The Regan is a chin length classical bob with a side parted longer length fringe that graduates seamlessly into the same length side layers. It is so practical, easy to wear and suits my face shape so well – I feel very confident wearing it!

What is your favourite thing about this Amore wig?

It feels really light and can be adjusted to suit your head size with two elastic tabs at the nape of the neck – ensuring it feels snug and secure, which is has always been a major issue for me before. The inside of the wig is made of a silky smooth material that doesn’t irritate my scalp either.

This wig has improved my confidence so much and made life easier – I’m about to try it in the Ginger Brown colour because the autumn is here. If you want a very natural, pretty yet sophisticated style then the Regan is for you.

regan wig reviewThe Simply Wigs team says. . .

Deborah. . . we have to say that you look fantastic! The Regan wig is one of our most popular pieces and, like you have rightly said, it looks very natural. The Regan wig is a DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT, which means that wherever you part the Regan, she will give the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. It’s a beautifully constructed piece!

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  1. I have purchased the Regan wig in Sandy Silver. I was so pleased with this hairstyle, that after just under a year I bought the same wig in the same colour again. I’ve done this so wear will be spread over both and therefore both will last me a very long time. The Regan is my Autumn/Winter choice of hairstyle, with which I am extremely pleased, the wigs wear well and suit both my looks and lifestyle. My Regan wigs feel very comfortable, even over extended wear always look natural, and are extremely easy to care for. I have both wigs now for a good couple of years and am still very satisfied, definitely one of my best purchases!

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