Amore Wigs – Why We Love the Cap Design!

amore wig articleWe currently have over 34 wigs in the Amore wig collection. When we talk about Amore wigs to our customers , we use words such as Amazing, Fabulous and Elegant to name but a few. We believe that the Amore Designer Series is an exquisite collection of wigs due to the double layer monofilament construction. This design was first introduced in 1998 and is still at the cutting edge of wig cap design. Monofilament top wigs are fabulous as wherever you part the wig, it will give the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. The fibre is individually hand knotted onto the cap construction which creates a lower density and therefore a more realistic movement.

Double Monofilament Construction


Amore wigs though have taken this design one step further and added an additional soft layer over the monofilament top which will protect you from the individual hand knotting . This DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT design will ensure that it will feel like silk against your skin, an important benefit if you are wearing this wig due to complete hairloss.

heartheart‘So we love the comfort element of the Amore wigs , but we also love the available styles. Each style is modern & stylish, coupled with minimum effort & maximum fabulousness. We find that customers who buy from the Amore collection are delighted with their purchases’.

Customer Reviews:

Stevie wig (Amore Designer Series)
“This is such a beautiful wig and extremely versatile. The fringe is so realistic and very natural looking. I had the length cut & more layers added…The result is just fantastic due to the quality of the fibre. It feels silky, like ‘salon hair’…it really is amazing. I am so happy with this wig, she really is a beauty”.
Liz- Lancashire


Codi wig (Amore Designer Series)
“I have been wearing wigs for about 2yrs now due to hair thinning have tried a few other styles but this is far the best one i always get complements on my hair asking me where did i get it done they dont belive me when i say its a wig i always go for copper glaze.This is the only one for me now and it moves so naturaly as well five stars from me”.
Kitty – Scotland


Emily wig (Amore Designer Series)
“I have worn this style for six months now and i receive compliments all the time. I also get asked where I get my hair cut. I work in an office and I feel smart everyday. My colour is CAYENNE SPICE. It is a gorgeous reddy/auburn colour. This wig is so good, that only my close friends know it isn’t my own hair. Recommend with five stars”.
Charlotte – Edinburgh

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One thought on “Amore Wigs – Why We Love the Cap Design!

  1. Thank you for this article! I Love the amore double monofilament! It is very beautiful to wear!

    Rene of Paris amore was the first ever brand I had (good start to wigs for me) and I have to say, I’ve always sworn by quality! I Love all of the exciting changes happening with wig caps! It’s very exciting for us with Hairloss!

    For me, the double mono top is just really amazing for a sensitive scalp,

    Thanks Rene of Paris!

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