Claiming Wig VAT Relief At Point Of Purchase

If you are a Simply Wigs customer who is eligible to be claiming VAT relief on your wig purchase, then we have some exciting news for you!
We’re here to make your journey easier

What’s claiming VAT relief all about?

Previously the VAT process for Simply Wigs was for our customers to download a VAT form from our website, complete the relevant information and then return the document to our offices. We would always do our best to ensure that this process went smoothly and we would endeavour to refund your monies within seven days. Exciting Simply Wigs Newsflash. . . . Our customers are now able to claim their VAT relief at the point of purchase!

Working with the HMRC

We have worked closely with HMRC and our inhouse technical department to develop an electronic signature feature, which will enable you to personally declare your eligibility online. No need to download a form, complete, post back, and then wait for the refund. The price you pay online will be the price less the VAT.

Easy to use

The new feature has now been launched online. We have tried to make the process as clear as possible, so it should be easy to use. Remember though that orders must be placed by the person who is eligible to reclaim the VAT Relief and we won’t be able to complete this for you for any telephone orders. If though you do need any assistance, please call us on 01484 844557 and we will be happy to chat through any questions you may have. Or you can always use our Contact Page

As always, we can not reiterate enough, only claim VAT relief if you are eligible to. You can call 0300 123 1073 to check, or check the HMRC website to clarify any doubts you may have.

By electronically signing the document via the Simply Wigs website, you are making a personal declaration to the HMRC.

Do not make any fraudulent claims against the HMRC,
as they will always find you!

A pat on the back for us!

We are over the moon with this latest feature to be added to the Simply Wigs website. We are excited, giddy and just a bit proud. Here in West Yorkshire we strongly feel that if you are purchasing a wig due to treatment, or a medical condition, then the process should be as easy as buying a pair of very lovely shoes! Here’s to making your wig purchasing journey a tiny bit easier.

Full Terms and Conditions

Please view our full terms and conditions for Online VAT Relief.

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3 thoughts on “Claiming Wig VAT Relief At Point Of Purchase

  1. Great news about the VAT relief being available on line. I do find shopping at Simply much much easier than anywhere else I have used and you are right buying a new wig should be as pleasant an experience as possible as it is a real boost to the old confidence, just like a new outfit or pair of shoes -more so in fact.
    Thanks to you all for your hard work and brilliant web site

  2. At a time when you are already feeling vulnerable undergoing treatment and coping with hairloss, it is great to see a Company trying to make life easier by removing the need for forms and re-claiming money. Added to that I have been able to purchase a lovely new wig cheaper than any other competitor. Thank you for taking away the hassle!

  3. The new VAT redemption feature on you website is so much easier. Your company really is far superior to some of your competitors on the web

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