Natural Image April Wig Review

I must say. . .

A very natural wig!

A very natural wig
April wig from Natural Image

I have been wearing the very natural wig,  April in the colour Chocolate Copper for some months now and it is definitely my favourite wig. I first started wearing wigs after alopecia meant I had no hair of my own. That must be about 8 to 10 years ago now, I honestly don’t remember as wigs have now become part of my life and I refuse to let them change what I do or who I am, I have yet to find anything I can’t do wearing a wig.

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Anyway, the April wig is really natural looking and the highlights give it a modern twist. My own hair was nearly black but over the years, as my skin has aged, I have altered the colour of my wigs from a nearly Black colour through to Dark Browns and Chocolate Copper. I feel this is now more flattering for my age.

I cannot believe the price of the April wig, such good value. My first wig was a well known ‘designer name’ style and it was over 3 times as expensive as the very natural April wig, but I don’t think that I have sacrificed any quality with the reduction in price. The piece is a fully open wefted piece and is very comfortable. As the style is a bit too long for me I have the fringe and also the section over my ears trimmed. I also have a petite head (something I learned when I became a wig wearer – who knows the size of their head otherwise.) The April wig is available in 2 different sizes – average or petite. A size to suit everyone! Occasionally someone says to me about how ‘lucky’ I am with my hair and I just smile and say ‘yes I am lucky’!

A very natural wig

I am an avid sports person and I am pleased to say that I have had some modest success in our local badminton leagues this year! I don’t think anyone looking at these pictures would guess I am wearing a wig would you? Until my knees complained too much, I also played tennis outdoors winter and summer and I am now in our local table tennis league instead. The April wig stays secure and comfortable throughout all my sporting activities. I would recommend  the very natural wig April to anyone with a petite head, it is light and comfortable to wear. I have never resorted to tape or under caps/nets as I never felt the need from either a security or comfort perspective. The April wig is my No. 1 style!

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3 thoughts on “Natural Image April Wig Review

  1. i have had 8 april wigs over the last 10 yrs , i have tried 4 others which i never took to ,which meant wasted money , , always coming back to april the old favourite . i get loads of people remark on my hair & how nice it always looks , i just smile & say thanks .

  2. I am just about to order my second April wig. The one I use now I really like and use it every day my daughter (who pulls no punches and us entirely honest with me,which is what I want) says “It really suits you mum it is very natural looking stick with it” so I am! . Trying a different colour too, what a great way to spend my afternoon.

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