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Who is Ellen Wille?


Ellen Wille started out selling wig and hairpiece hair solutions in 1967 after her studies in the fashion metropolis of Paris in a small retail store in Frankfurt, Germany. With her vision the Ellen Wille wigs UK brand is now one of the most up to date and influential market leaders within the industry. She blazed a trail in Europe, America and all other continents and enjoys an impressive legacy in the world of alternative hair solutions. Thanks to her unfaltering entrepreneurial spirit and her keen fashion sense, Ellen Wille was successful in creating her own brand and today is often mentioned along with other industry leaders such as Raquel Welch and Eva Gabor.

What makes the Ellen Wille company so different?


The Ellen Wille Company

For more than 45 years, Ellen wille has stood for high-quality; Providing sophisticated wigs, hairpieces, head wear and accessories for specialist retailers, as well as national and international wholesalers. Ellen Wille has an impressive state-of-the-art business campus with offices, warehouse facilities, training and presentation rooms in Frankfurt and Schwalbach in Germany its home. Although being the European market leader in the industry already, there is no stopping now and further expansions are planned for the near future to accommodate the business growth.
The company, based in Frankfurt, currently employs more than 90 people in Germany alone. From their 2,500+ square meters of office and storage facilities in Schwalbach, the ellen wille team are constantly working towards the continued success of Ellen Wille

Why choose Ellen Wille?


Utilising modern techniques and designed with the newest fashion trends in mind, each and every model is tailored to the requirements of our valued customers. Whether the wig is being used for medical reasons or as a fashion accessory, all ellen wille products are distinguished by the highest level of quality and comfort. If you require rooted colours, lace-fronts, especially soft materials or an elaborate cap, ellen wille is consistently at the forefront of design with ideas that make her models increasingly natural, beautiful and comfortable. This is why Ellen Wille is the European market leader, time and again, setting the standard for quality and comfort.

What do our beautiful customers think?

We have seen a noticeable increase in our customers switching to the award winning Ellen Wille wigs UK brand, due to the high quality constructions and the gorgeous colour mixes that are available. All the wigs from Ellen Wille are ready to wear and ready to style. In addition to the skilfully created, fashionable styles and the standards attributed to the ellen wille signature, the design process incorporates new innovations which in turn, shape and characterise each of our collections.

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  1. Since entering the world of wigs through developing alopecia, I have always selected Ellen Wille because of the style and ‘look’ of her products. Why oh Why does she not design for those of us with larger heads ie 23″. My own hair style was just lie the ‘Jamilla Hi’ wig, but is only made in average and I have been told that her wigs are on the small side anyway. I am sure that I am not the only ‘non-average’ head size person in need of a wig that enhances my appearance but does not give me a headache! Thank you. Margret

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