How to a Wash a Fibre Wig in 5 Easy Steps

How to wash a fibre wig ‘easily ‘ in 5 Easy Steps

First and foremost we’d like to say a big Thank you to all of our customers. . . Why? Because without them we would not know what is the most useful information to put on the website. We have listened to your comments and suggestions again and we now include a free washing guide with every wig order that we send out, making your life that little bit easier and your wig look even more fabulous.

But then we had an afterthought . . . What if our customers lost this important guide on how to wash a fibre wig? Simple! Our Simply Wigs team is always happy to impart our wig wisdom, creating an informative guide on how to wash a fibre wig in 5 easy steps to complement our fantastic video tutorial.

Ready, steady, let’s wash!

top tips to wash your fibre wig

1. Gently remove any tangles from your fibre wig, using a wide-toothed comb or brush. If you prefer, you could just use your fingers to smooth away any tangles. The best way to de-tangle the hair is to begin at the tips, combing downwards and then carefully work your way up to the roots, always using that same downwards motion.

2. In a sink, basin or bowl mix tepid water with Hair Power Shampoo and immerse the wig. Gently swirl and let the wig soak for up to three minutes.

3. Rinse the wig in tepid water until all of the shampoo is removed and the water runs clear. Take care to ensure the water flow of the water flows in the same direction of the hair, from root to tip. Make sure you have removed all of the shampoo thoroughly as a build-up of left over shampoo can create a matted, greasy look (and no one wants that).

4. After rinsing, it’s time to condition and make your wig silky and soft. In a sink or bowl mix tepid water with a capful of Hairpower Balsam and immerse the wig. Gently swirl and let the wig soak for up to 5-10 minutes. Do not rinse the balsam out of the wig.

5. Remove from the water and place in a towel. Gently pat out any excess water. Do not twist, rub or heavily brush the wig whilst wet. Gently comb into shape from crown to tips. Allow to air dry on a polyhead or wig stand.



Well done. All done and dusted!
Now it’s time to grab a cup of tea.

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6 thoughts on “How to a Wash a Fibre Wig in 5 Easy Steps

  1. I’ve a number of old wigs and rather than throw them away I put them in the washing machine and ran the delicate setting., brilliant I used a pure wool soap powder and lenor as a conditioner. I laid them all ( 10 ) on towels on a sunny windowsill.
    Bingo I now have 10 new wigs that I can redesign with gel and hairspray!!

  2. Please do not hesitate about buying from simply wigs, I do not regret taking the plunge! The confidence and compliments really have made up for losing my hair during chemo.thank you so much simply wigs!

  3. thanks, thats very helpful. can I assume that the wig will naturally fall back into the correct style? (I dont have one yet, just building up to buying my first)

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