Best Wig Type for Winter Weather: Human or Synthetic?

‘Tis the season for wind, rain and snow. That’s right, we’re heading into winter at full force and our wigs are coming with us! Even if you enjoy the weather conditions associated with many people’s favourite time of year – Christmas, of course – there’s no denying that these conditions can take their toll on your lovely wig, which brings us to the debate of which wig type is best for winter weather, human hair wigs or synthetic wigs? Let’s take a look!

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Human Hair or Synthetic Wigs During Winter?

If you saw our Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Hair Wigs guide earlier this year, you might remember us discussing some of the limitations of human hair wigs. Despite their wonderfully natural look and the ability to colour and style them however you like, human hair wigs can be significantly affected by weather conditions – rain or shine!

Due to the human hair that makes up these wigs, the wig hair strands react just as your own natural hair would. In winter, this means you could be dealing with a little frizz whilst your heat-induced styling starts disappearing in the wind and rain. It’s also important to note that cold and wet weather conditions can dry out your wig and inflict damage to its lovely locks.

Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, fortunately don’t react to the weather in the same way. Synthetic wigs are fantastic for retaining their style during winter weather conditions, and frizz is certainly less of an issue if you’re taking your synthetic wig out for a spin.

However, despite the effect that winter weather can have on your wig, notably human hair wigs, there are some protection tactics to adopt that will help you to look after your wig during winter.

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Protecting Your Wig in Winter

Synthetic wigs generally require much less maintenance than human hair wigs, but the many visual and physical benefits of human hair wigs can make the extra maintenance worthwhile. If you’re wearing a human hair wig this winter, employ these tactics to maintain a healthy and happy wig!

• Keep your wig moisturised

Cold, bitter temperatures and harsh winds can quickly strip your wig of its hydration, which in turn can make your wig feel and look dry. To combat this and prevent your wig from becoming damaged, it’s important to make sure you have some quality wig care products that will keep your human hair wig hydrated and happy. Make sure your wig is receiving the right treatment by choosing products that are specifically tailored to human hair wigs.

• Properly dry your wig

Once your wig has been washed, it’s imperative that you allow it to properly dry before wearing it outside, reason being that a wet wig is more likely to freeze in cold temperatures, and this can lead to breakages of wig fibres. This can permanently impact the overall look of your wig so it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your wig.

Similarly, if you and your wig have been caught in the rain or snow, try to give it the opportunity to properly dry before wearing it again.

De-tangle your wig

If there’s one thing that the wind is good at, it’s tangling your wig, and it’s beneficial to resolve these annoying tangles swiftly to prevent more serious knots and damages from occurring. We recommend carrying a wide tooth comb in your bag with you so you can comb your wig wherever you go, and when doing so, remember to brush your wig from the ends up towards the scalp.

Protect and shield your wig

When it gets to winter, try to prepare for bad weather by investing in some headwear that can protect your lovely wig. Carrying an umbrella with you is always good to have as you can shield your wig during rain and snow, but hats and headscarves are great for protecting your wig during the cold temperatures, keeping you warm in the process. Not only is it beneficial for your wig, but it’s stylish too!

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With this knowledge under your belt, you and your wig will be able to make it through winter with no problems. If you require any further advice on any of our wigs or wig products, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help!

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  1. I love my Aura hair piece,but I feel that you don’t promote these enhancers but only talk about wigs,and the choice of these enhancers is very limited. I would happily pay more for a better quality synthetic piece. The Aura has a very limited life span.

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