Insider’s Guide to Hand Tied Wigs

Hand Tied Wigs

Choose Luxury with Hand Tied Wigs

When you are about to embark on choosing a wig, one of the features that you must consider is the inside of the wig (the cap construction).

Our hand tied wigs vary in level of cap quality. In the simplest of terms, the more expensive the wig, the better quality cap construction you will have. Our aim is to ensure that you are able to make a considered choice when purchasing your wig.

Lace Front wig capTake a look at the ‘what’s inside’ details which you will be able to find on every wig that we sell. This will show you precisely what the inside cap construction will be like. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, then you need to be searching for a hand tied wig. We currently have a fabulous selection of hand tied wigs, offering our lovely customers a little bit of luxury when it comes to their wigs.

What are Hand Tied Wigs?

Hand tied wigs can either be synthetic or human hair. Constructing a hand tied wig is a laborious and intensive process. It can take up to three days to create a hand tied wig, depending upon the skill of the craftsmen/craftswoman. Each and every strand of hair, or fibre is individually hand knotted into a soft, mesh cap. This allows each hair to ‘pivot’ freely in every direction, allowing for a completely realistic movement throughout your style.

Backstage at Le Temple de la Gloire, wig assistant, Jenny Gilbert, was often tasked with making hand tied wigs. To do this, she ‘took a tiny crochet hook-type tool and pulled each strand of hair through a tightly woven mesh cap’. From start to finish, this painstaking process took Jenny anywhere from 50 to 120 hours, depending on the length and style of the hair. Although the process of creating hand tied wigs is intense, the benefits to you as a wig wearer are invaluable.

Why Choose Hand Tied Wigs?

Hand tied wigs offer a completely realistic appearance as no wefts and no mechanical stitching is ever used in the manufacturing process. This labour-intensive process produces an appearance of all-over natural hair growth, even up close.

This cap construction provides a really natural movement as each individual hair is lovingly tied by hand onto a soft mesh cap, giving the hair freedom to move naturally. This freedom also allows for multi-directional styling options so you can switch up your style without a care in the world.

The soft mesh cap is incredibly light and comfortable to wear and helps your scalp to breathe during day-to-day wear. This innovative cap design makes hand tied wigs cooler than many other cap constructions including wefted wigs.

hand tied wig

The lower density of the cap also contributes in creating a more realistic look as it mimics the appearance of the scalp.

As a wig wearer, the most beneficial feature that you will notice is the supreme comfort level. There are no seams or wefts in the construction of the hand tied wigs, so it will be ultra-soft, and incredibly luxurious. If you are choosing a wig due to complete hair loss, we would advise you to consider hand tied wigs as they are so suited to you. The softness against your skin will ensure that you feel comfortable all day, every day.

In our portfolio of hand tied wigs, we supply three different construction types:

Completely Hand Tied Wigs: Each strand of hair, or synthetic fibre is sewn individually onto the entire surface of the mesh cap using a hand-knotting technique. A completely hand tied wig provides a luxury softness against the skin and creates a lighter overall density to ensure that the wig is lightweight, cool and comfortable.

Hand Tied Double Monofilament Wigs: Instead of a soft mesh cap, hand tied double monofilament wigs use a double layer of monofilament material. This design is perfect for wig wearers who suffer from scalp irritation as it provides the greatest protection between the cap and scalp. The second layer of monofilament is added to the knotted under-layer to create a silky smooth feeling against the scalp.

Hand Tied with Monofilament Top Wigs: Many wigs are constructed using cloth however a monofilament wig uses a sheer polyester or nylon material so that your skin colour can show through and create a natural hairline. This material features on the top of the cap where your natural hairline will be most visible.


All Completely Hand Tied Wigs
hand tied mono double wig large
Hand Tied Double Monofilament Wigs
hand tied mono wig large
Hand Tied with Monofilament Top Wigs

As you can tell, we absolutely love hand tied wigs as they provide our customers with the ultimate in luxury wear and comfort. For more information and advice on our portfolio of wig cap constructions, contact one of our wig experts and we’ll be delighted to help you find the right wig for you.


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