My goals for 2019

steph-new-yearI always find this blog really difficult to do every year because most years I find that I don’t always end up sticking to my ‘resolutions’. Yep, guilty. I’m one of them!
So instead, I wanted to start this blog off a different way and actually look back at some of the things I’ve achieved this year and hopefully that will get the ball rolling with my 2019 goals. In fact – I think goals are a better way of wording it for me. I’m not really the resolution type. I already go to the gym daily, I can’t save money because I love shopping too much, so stuff it! I’m very ambitious and setting myself life and career goals, seems like the perfect way to start 2019!

A summary of 2018.

I am very proud of myself,

I have almost completed my Masters (I have about 1000 words to go) but this has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life trying to juggle my seven billion jobs as well as completing a Masters.

My full-time job,

is absolutely amazing and I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I feel like I learn something new each week, but also learn how to deal with the pressures of such a fast-paced industry. I get to travel quite a bit with my job so I’m just very grateful to have found somewhere that I love so much and 2018 has really taught me that.

My make up business,

is forever growing. I’m a fully qualified make-up artist and I love helping people learn how to apply makeup, but I also love to just glam you all up! I’m super thankful for everyone that has supported me on this journey.

Loving the holidays,

I have been to Ibiza twice. Not a big deal to some people but I have had some of the best days of my life with my favourite people and that’s something I’m really happy about.

No pushover,

I stopped being a pushover. I’m too nice and that had to change. I’ve actually started telling people how I really feel and it feels great. I’d recommend it.

So with all of this in mind,

my news year’s resolution for 2019

ONE: Actually graduate for a start! (I seriously better pass).

TWO: Make more time for me… I work so so much, and as of January I’ll be finished with uni entirely which means that I’ll have some more time to dedicate to me. I am an absolute work-aholic and I can never say no. I need to learn to say no to work and fit some valuable me-time in.

THREE: Learn a new hobby or sport. I’m always up for trying something new and making new friends along the way!

FOUR:  Is it totally pathetic to say find a boyfriend? Ha-ha! I think it’s about time. Enough said on that matter.

FIVE:  Start making more sensible decisions. So I joked before that I have a shopping addiction, but I think my bank account could really benefit from me making more sensible decisions and going with the motto ‘you can’t do everything’. As my mum would say I’ve got to give and take, so 2019, I’m afraid I can’t attend every festival and event going, I’ll have to limit it to one or two!

What have you achieved this year? What do you hope to achieve next year?
I’d love to hear your resolutions.

Happy New Year to my Simply Wigs family
love Steph
x x

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