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What does the ‘R’ mean after a colour name?

If you are thinking about buying a wig from Amore wigs or Noriko wigs, you may notice that some of the colour descriptions have an ‘R’ at the end. Basically this means that the root of the fibre will be darker than the overall colour of the wig– the root will normally be a medium to dark brown shade. This design is intentionally created to give you a natural re-growth appearance. The rooted colours are popular with our customers because they look incredibly natural. As with any natural roots though, it’s important to be aware that the darker root is not just at the crown area. Natural re-growth of coloured hair occurs all over so the darker root colour of a wig can be found all over too. If you choose a blonde wig with a darker root colour, prepare yourself for some contrast!

As with everything there are some exceptions to the ‘R’ rule! The following colours may have darker roots, but they do not have the ‘R’ at the end of the description (just to be awkward)!

Read our wig colour chart to help you know exactly what’s what in the world of wig colour:

If you need any more guidance on choosing the right wig colour, you can always call us on 01484 844557 where we will be happy to chat to you and help you make the right choice. Alternatively, if you want some more information on wigs colours and getting it right, or find choosing the right wig colour a royal pain, colour queen can make life a little bit easier.

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