Wig Shopping Making Your Life Easier

I personally buy lots of lovely items from the internet. From kitchen tiles to very, very gorgeous shoes. I love internet shopping and shopping for ladies wigs and I adore websites that are easy to use, easy to navigate and most of all… customer friendly.

Simply Wigs Shopping

Wig Shopping

Because all of us at Simply Wigs love to shop online, we try our very best to ensure that our site is as customer friendly as possible. Introducing one of my favourite ‘techy features’ that will make your shopping experience with us even more delightful.

Let’s have a role play scenario.
(I always fancied myself as an actress). . . 

Always wig shopping
Always wig

I am browsing the website and I really love . . . let’s say. . . the Always Wig by Raquel Welch. I have worn the Golden Pecan colour before, so I am pretty confident on the colour. I sit back in my chair, tell my husband to shush as I am very busy, and go to select my colour.

Here it is. . . Here’s the good bit. . . this very clever feature is telling me it is out of stock. Slightly sad that it is not available just yet, but slightly happy that this website helps me with my shopping and is always keeping me up to date.
Wig shopping list
But wait, I really love the Golden Pecan colour so I am prepared to wait. How do I tell the Simply Wigs team that I want to wait for this colour . . . simple!

Just click on the colour and a feature pops up which says ‘email me when available. A clever message will then wing its way to the Simply Wigs team and when my colour is available, they will send me a lovely email telling me I can now buy my favourite wig in my favourite colour!

Acting lesson finished for the day. All of us here at Simply Wigs are dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience with our company leaves you with a warm glow.

Just before I go, I’ll leave you with some more top tips to make the whole process of buying a wig that little bit easier:

1. Before browsing our lovely range of ladies wigs, sit yourself down in front of a mirror. Working out your face shape is the best way to choose a wig style that flatters your face. You can get a friend to help you work this one out or you can grab a lipstick and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror. Once you know your face shape, you’re ready to find a wig that will frame your beautiful features and feel completely natural.

2. Now as I’ve mentioned, you may already have found your favourite colour and know that Golden Pecan really does bring out your eyes. However, finding the right colour to suit your skin tone can be a little trickier for some of us. My advice? Take a trip down memory lane and get out your photo albums, looking back and seeing what colour suited you best can be a great indicator as to the shades you should opt for today.

Remember, wig shopping can be also be a fun way to experiment with a range of different colours and styles and you may discover a new colour that you may not have had the courage to try on your natural locks.

3. Fit is also really important when you’re wig shopping. There are not many occasions which require you to measure the size of your head in everyday life, but measuring your head before you choose your favourite wig is an absolute must. Our wig size guide should be able to help you with that.

And of course, you can always reserve the right not to wear a wig. Although we have a beautiful collection of ladies wigs to offer our gorgeous wig wearers, we understand that may not be the journey you want to take. Wear a wig, flaunt your favourite headscarf or be bald and beautiful. If you’re smiling, then we’re smiling too.

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2 thoughts on “Wig Shopping Making Your Life Easier

  1. Could you please tell me if and when you will be having more wig styles available in the large size cap fitting? Both myself and my daughter measure into this catigory, and l have real dificulties geting a wig to fit me propperly as i measure 62cm around my head when measured as per your sizing guide. my own hair is very fine and sparcly rooted due to medication l have to take, and im now getting rather despirate to find a suitable wig that will fit my needs, and prefareably a fashionable longer style. Thanks, Julia x

    1. Hi and thank you for your comment. We currently offer 18 larger size styles fitting up to 24 inches, you can search for this under ladies wigs ‘Lets Narrow it Down’. We are always adding more styles or why not call the offices and we can chat through your requirements? Thanks Mandy ????

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