Winner wig review from Stephie

Just love your style!

We are pleased to say that Stephie was
runner-up in this years ‘our beautiful customers’ competition.
listen to what she has to say below…

Thank you Stephie, for taking the time to review
one of our most popular short wig styles.


The Winner wig from Raquel Welch has a shorter fringe which measures 2.5″, so it will sit sweetly above brow level. The short layers then perfectly blend into the side layers that fall softly just in front of your ears. Our customers love the Winner as you can change the style in an instant. With finger styling, or by using styling products you can change from being a trendy sleek cut to a softer, more feminine look. Incredibly versatile. The short layers at the crown measure 3″, creating a gentle volume that will stay with you throughout the day. They graduate perfectly into the nape that also measures 1.5″. Raquel Welch have razor cut the layers, creating a modern silhouette which is ultra modern. Short, sweet and very popular.
If you are wearing this piece over your own hair, there is still plenty of coverage even though this look is cropped and short.

The Winner is incredibly light to wear at only 1.75oz. This wig can be worn all day, every day and is very comfortable and so easy to maintain.

Five stars for the Winner!


Pssst… Just a heads up,
The Winner will be part of our
Black Friday offer this week!
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2 thoughts on “Winner wig review from Stephie

  1. What a fabulous review Stephie! I too have a Winner wig and agree with all you say. You look absolutely beautiful in it ! The colour and style suit you so much.
    Thank you for the great review.

  2. What a brilliant review, Stephanie. You’re a natural and come across very genuine – just like the Winner Wig. Thank you for taking the time.
    Best wishes – Annie

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