And the winner is…

The time is here. The time has arrived.
‘Our Beautiful Customers competition 2017’
winners are announced!

Thank you so much to every one of our fabulous SW community, who took the time to send in their beautiful photographs. We have been utterly overwhelmed at how amazing you all look.
It has been an incredibly hard task this year, as we have had so many entries with everybody looking amazing! After several late nights at the SW HQ, coupled with lots of strong coffee, we are delighted that our fabulous winners have been choosen!

2017 Our Beautiful Customers
winner . . .

Julie, wearing Ginger Mono Lace  from Gisela Mayer

Reply from Julie: ‘I’m thrilled at winning this competition!
I am so happy with my ginger wig and have had such support from the Simply Wigs advisors and wig wearers.
Thank you so much.

(and a quick note from Mrs Mayer from Gisela Mayer)

2nd place

Sheila, wearing Tori from Rene of Paris

To Emma and Stuart,
Wonderful news, we are delighted that 2 of our wigs have achieved a second and joint third position in your competition for 2017. We hope to continue to produce entries for your customers for your 2018 competition.
Many thanks to Simply Wigs and huge success in going forward with everything you do for your customers.
Lynne Harris
Managing Director
Trendco (Aderans)

Joint 3rd place

Beccy, wearing Zuma from Rene of Paris

Reply from Beccy: ‘Wow!! Thank you so much. What a pleasant surprise! I’m over the moon to have been placed joint third – I’ve been eyeing up the beautiful ‘Sonoma’ by Rene of Paris for ages, and can finally afford to splash out on her (in the gorgeous Crimson LR colour)! I can’t wait to see the other photos of the lucky winners!’

Joint 3rd place

Kristina, wearing Julianne from Jon Renau

Dear Emma and Stuart,
We are delighted to have a winning style featured in “Our Beautiful Customers Competition 2017”!
Congratulations to your lovely client wearing Julianne; the style is certainly one of our most popular in the SmartLace collection.
Thank you to all of the beautiful contestants and to Simply Wigs for being an inspiration to all wig wearers.
Warm Regards,
The Jon Renau Team

there’s more,
meet the Simply Wigs superstars

As we received our largest ever number of entries, we decided to continue with the category of winners called Simply Wigs Superstars. Every SW Superstar will be sent an Ellen Wille Hair Tip Liquid, aswell as their 15% discount.

From the bottom of our SW’s hearts, we would like to thank everybody for taking the time to send in their photograph. We are so very proud of how amazing our wigs look on you all.

Everyone who entered will be receiving their 15% discount code early next week. Enjoy shopping and we can’t wait to see you in your latest purchase!

thank for being part of  our SW community.

Category Our Beautiful Customers

13 thoughts on “And the winner is…

    1. Thank you Linda.
      As I only started wearing wigs in May 2017 it has been a whole new and scary experience for me
      . Knowing there are so many fellow wig wearers out there , all supporting each other has really helped me get my head round it, if you’ll pardon the pun! I am amazed how lovely all the ladies look in their photos. Well done everyone x

  1. The winners all look lovely, confident , beautiful hair wearers….choose the right wig to suit you ladies and you won’t go wrong! Xx

  2. The winners all deserve a place, as they all look fabulous! Congratulations to everyone. Without Simply Wigs where would we be.

  3. Well I didn’t win this time, but I have to agree with the results. Three beautiful ladies!

    I’m so glad you included the Superstars. They all look lovely too and seeing the different styles has helped me to pick out the wig and colour that I want to try next.

    I wish everybody would write reviews and find the courage to post photos . It is a bit embarrassing at first, but it does help wig wearers to make a good choice.

    1. You are quite right Jeddie. It has given me the confidence to post my photos. It certainly helps me feel less isolated and as you say, it’s great to see real people wearing the wigs in different styles and colours x

  4. Congratulations to all of the fabulous winners, you look amazing in your wigs!

    I’ve had so much fun working on the ‘Our Beautiful Customers’ competition this year and have been overwhelmed with the amount of entries that were sent in. It’s definitely been hard work but each entry from all of our customers was beautiful and it’s so lovely seeing all of you in your favourite styles.

    Can’t wait for next year!

    – Emma H (SW team member)

    1. Thanks to you and the team for putting in the extra hours, Emma, it is much appreciated.
      It all helps to build our proud community of ‘hair plus’ wearers.

      You all come across as dedicated to your customer group, so well done!

  5. Thankyou so much for picking me as one of the superstars sw…..
    Made my day! Everyone looks amazingin their wigs , you wouldn’t know we are all wearing wigs…
    Congratulations to all the winners
    Helen xx

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